Black African Americans

If you’re here surfing for information and resources or just to meet someone in our Chat Rooms… We’ve been reaching the rapidly growing African-American online audience of more than 9 million households, for over 10 years, as one of the Internet’s most visited Black portals. Black-Network has put all of the BEST resources available on the web into one easy to navigate community.

Black-Network was implemented to assist folks from all over the world who wish to partake of this wonderful world-wide web.

You will find assistance for almost anything you want to do with and on the internet. There are resources here that can make your experiences on the internet much more pleasurable.

Black-Network is the #1 100% Black Owned resource that Black-Americans are using today to shape their lives.

On behalf of myself, Barbie, and the entire staff here at, I want to say THANKS, so much, for 10 years of trust and support.

We’ve added several new features, like a Bulletin Board and an Advanced Guestbook, and I also want to let you know how we are helping to change the way people communicate online.

Our website has been the entry point for the #1 ranked chatroom on Google… ever since we teamed up with to offer their fantastic avitar based chatroom. It WAS the hottest thing going when it came to chat rooms.

Today, I want to announce that Black-Network is taking online communication to the next level. Through our affiliation with helloWorld and VMdirect, we are now able to offer all of our visitors the opportunity to chat LIVE with Video and Sound. That’s Right, you’ll SEE and HEAR who you’re chatting with! We believe that video says it better, and pedophiles cannot exist in a video environment! You can video chat with 4 people, simultaneously! You can record a video, and send it to an email address, a website, a cell phone, an iPod, even a PSP device. You will be able to share files, music, videos and images!! This is SO MUCH BETTER THAN MYSPACE!!